First Nations Health Authority

Maternal, Child and Family Health
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Childhood Health and Wellness Resources
“The First Nations Health Authority and National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health re-launch parenting resources grounded in Indigenous Knowledge”
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Aboriginal Doula Program
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 Victoria Native Friendship Centre
Phone: 250-384-3211

BC Association of Native Friendship Centres
Phone: 250-388-5522

Celebrating the Circle of Life
Coming Back to Balance and Harmony

This guide was created to help Aboriginal women enjoy good emotional health during pregnancy and following the birth of a baby. This resource will be of interest to soon-to- be and new mothers who are worried about their mood and/or experiencing depression. The guide is focused on emotional health and includes information on what to expect and how to cope with all of the changes that come with pregnancy and a new baby.
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Aboriginal Midwifery Education
There are currently three community-based programs, offered in three Aboriginal communities in Canada.
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Hulitan preserves, unifies and advocates for Indigenous families by supporting healing and fostering resilience through culturally rooted programs, services and collaboration with community partners.