Depression and Mental Health

Speak Up

A place created to give teens and young adults a voice in mental health and substance use issues. Check it out, play around and add your voice with your stories, your thoughts and your creations. This site has some good tools and workbooks for working through depression and substance use.

Traci McGee, Postpartum Depression Counsellor and Therapist

Referrals and Appointments: 885-6760

Life With A New Baby

Postpartum mood disorders (PPMD) are real. One in five women will suffer from some degree of PPMD after a birth. This webiste is part of Ontario’s maternal, newborn and early child development resource centre.

Celebrating the Circle of Life
Coming Back to Balance and Harmony

This guide was created to help Aboriginal women enjoy good emotional health during pregnancy and following the birth of a baby. This resource will be of interest to soon-to- be and new mothers who are worried about their mood and/or experiencing depression. The guide is focused on emotional health and includes information on what to expect and how to cope with all of the changes that come with pregnancy and a new baby.
-Download the guide

The following are post-partum depression support services, available through
a referral from your midwife, doctor or public health nurse:

Maternity Social Worker, Victoria General Hospital

Mental Health Services
Phone: 370-8175

Postpartum Support Counsellor, Queen Alexandra Centre

Family Education Services
Counselling and support groups
Phone: 721-6751

Pacfic Postpartum Support Society (Vancouver)

#104 – 1416 Commercial Drive
Vancouver V5L 3X9
Phone: (604) 255-7999
Fax: (604) 255-7588

Emergency Depression Service

NEED Crisis Information Line (24 Hours)
Phone: 250-386-6323

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

The 10-question Edinburgh scale is a valuable and efficient way for women to
identify whether they are at risk for perinatal depression. It is an
easy-to-use and effective tool.
More information available here