At Access Midwifery, we enthusiastically welcome clients from all walks of life, including those with complex lives. With your guidance, we provide care that takes into consideration the full context of your pregnancy. This includes not just physical changes and phases of pregnancy, labour and birth but also family life, housing, community services, nutrition and access to food, mental health, and trauma.

Each client is assigned to a midwifery team You will have a chance to get to know the midwives on your team. If you choose to deliver at home, two midwives will be present for the delivery. If you deliver at Victoria General Hospital, a midwife and a nurse will be present.

This shared care model helps to ensure that you will know the care provider or care providers who will be with you during your labour and birth. Due to the complexity of when babies choose to be born and our on-call availability, we cannot guarantee which midwife or midwives will be with you at the time of delivery. We believe our model of care provides the greatest likelihood for having the midwife or midwives you expect to have.

During the pregnancy we work together to build a relationship with you. In our appointments, there is time to discuss your hopes and concerns. Additionally, we discuss tests and screening options available. We check your blood pressure and assess the baby’s well-being. For certain tests, we can draw your blood in the clinic or we will provide you with a requisition for a local lab. Ultrasound screening or other testing, as needed, is available through Island Ultrasound, Victoria General Hospital or community labs.

Based on your schedule and availability, clinic appointments are generally booked monthly until 28 weeks of pregnancy. Thereafter, appointments are generally every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks. We see you about once a week in the last weeks leading up to your baby’s birth.

At around 36 weeks we have a “birth talk”. We encourage you to have your birth support at that appointment. We discuss normal labour and birth and what to expect. We also ensure you are aware of your birthing options and choice of birthplace. For clients planning a home birth, we will do a home visit several weeks before your due date. The importance of support from your family and friends during labour and the early postnatal period are emphasized.

For a listing of prenatal classes and birth preparation support in Victoria, see the Resources section of our website.