We believe that you and your family should be active participants in your care. We encourage and support you to be responsible for your health and the health of your baby.

Within your financial capacity and life circumstances, we encourage you to eat a balanced diet, to participate in prenatal care and to get adequate rest and exercise. We encourage you to acquire knowledge about pregnancy, birth and newborn care. We are available to answer questions, but are not the only source for information. See the Resources area of this website for a listing of community resources including prenatal classes and birth preparation, doulas, housing services, food banks and other pregnancy and parenting support.

You are welcome to borrow books, articles, videos and pamphlets from our shelves. We also welcome contributions of resources that you find particularly useful. We encourage you to bring your questions or concerns to your visits; making a written list is often helpful. In order to provide the best quality care to you, we hope that you keep us informed of problems or situations that may affect your care.