Contacting Your Midwife

Midwives are available by pager at all times for urgent problems and for labour and birth. While on call, each midwife carries a pager 24 hours a day and is available to you at any time. Pager numbers will be provided once you are receiving care from Access Midwifery.

While pagers are a reliable form of communication, occasionally a page does not get through to the midwife. We encourage you to page again if you have not had a call back within 10 minutes of your first page. When individual midwives have their off-call time, they will forward their pages to a partner midwife so you will always reach one of us.

If your question is non-urgent or concerns a clinic appointment, please call the office during business hours, or leave a message on the voice mail. Our phone numbers are listed on our home page and in the Contact Us area of this website.

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