What our clients say…

Always felt 100% supported. There was never any judgment and I felt you all really got to know me, my needs, limits, attitude, strengths, and challenges and supported me so well by using this knowledge. Thank you so much for everything. You are such a great team and complement each other very well. I have recommended you many times!

• Erin V. •

Warm, welcoming environment, very supportive and responsive. I cannot say enough praise and thanks for the amazing team of midwives at AMFC. They supported and informed me in a warm, genuine non-biased manner. It was a huge goal of mine to have a natural delivery, a feat none of my sisters were able to do for various reasons and I believe working with midwives empowered me to be able to do that. Following my birth I felt a newfound respect for myself and all women who give birth and such gratitude to my team for helping make it possible. I’ll be back with it’s time for baby Hinds 2. It was like I had a nurse, doctor. and friends through out my pregnancy, delivery and postnatal. I will miss them all!

• Cheyenne H.•

The care, support and genuine kindness of our midwives was outstanding.

• Suzy T. •

We could not be happier with the care we received at Access Midwifery. The midwives we worked with were extremely knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. We felt supported at each prenatal visit, the hospital and during labour and delivery. Our midwives kept us informed through out the pregnancy; discussing the possible outcome as things unfolded. They respected our wish and ensure were heard when dealing with other care practitioners. Overall, our experience with Access was wonderful. We feel blessed to have had their assistance in bringing out daughter into the world. Big thank you!

• Ashley J. •

Adrienne was amazing from the first meeting when I was very nervous about having a different midwife for the first time out of three babies. The final visit is always the worst, I never want to leave the care of AMFC because they become like family. Adrienne was extremely supportive on everything I did and didn’t want and was so helpful with everything postpartum. Thank you to everyone at AMFC for everything and being so supportive and always so happy.

• Katie R. •

From the first visit to the last, I always felt like I was in good care. I was able to deliver my beautiful baby girl in the comfort of my own home, just as I had wished and I will be forever grateful to Adrienne, Heather and Heidi.

• Melissa T. •

I enjoyed and loved my care at AMFC and would come back if I had another baby even though my birth didn’t go as planned. Adrienne and Heather W. were there and helping me along with the best of their ability and were very supportive. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

• Alisha S. •

Thank you to all for such wonderful care. Your office is very welcoming and I recommend you to friends and family.

• Amber T. •

We had such an “easy” pregnancy and a “laid back” but well informed lead up to our birth. Needless to say we had a very complicated birth (26 hour early, 8 hour active, 2 hour pushing and epidural and spinal and c-section under general anesthetic). We got through it thanks to your great birth team. Even more so our midwives’ care extended beyond labour and birth to a very high needs and colicky baby with reflux. No matter what the issues, we always felt so supported and informed by our midwife team! So glad we went this route! Thank you Misty, Heather N and Chloe!

• Ali B. •

The birth was a wonderful experience and we are so glad we came upon Access Midwifery to make it exactly what it was. We felt very comfortable and safe through the pregnancy, knowing we had people with such expertise and genuine hear to support us. Thank you so much!

• Mika and Owen •

An extremely positive experience overall and would suggest that any expectant family consider this an option – knowledgeable, supportive and caring support!

The care at Access is top notch! I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone getting a midwife. The experience is personal, thorough and informative!

Katrina always greeted me with a smile and was ever so patient with me when I had to call to get my appointment times again. I had the experience of receiving amazing care from Heather N., Misty and Andrea. All three of these caring midwives displayed great love and support through my pregnancy, second c-section and postpartum care. I think you all for your tremendous work along with your guidance and advice in helping to deliver my two beautiful boys into this world.

I cannot say enough good things about Access Midwifery and my midwife team. They made the whole pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum process comfortable and low stress. I felt so well supported by midwife, particularly during the birth, when she really showed off her skills! She was such a calming influence, yet she was in charge of my care the whole time. I felt like I had the best advocate by my side. The home visits during the postpartum period were the cherry on top of my care. By the end my partner and I felt sad to lose a care provider and as strong, supportive friend.