Access Midwifery is proud to be a member of the Safe Harbour Program. Safe Harbour is a “block-watch” style program that promotes an inclusive BC and celebrates strong, vibrant, and diverse communities. To promote and welcome diversity, Access Midwifery commits to provide a safe place for community members who may be victims of discrimination and harassment.

At Access Midwifery we commit to Safe Harbour’s three key principles:

Equitable treatment: Treating all of our clients and/or customers in an equitable manner. If a concern is expressed regarding a lack of equitable treatment, our staff members will take this concern seriously and take steps to address it.

Providing a “Safe Harbour”: Being a safe place where a community member will receive a helping hand, such as a place to sit, a telephone to use, and information about how to seek further assistance.

Prepared employees: Trained staff commit to sharing the program with their colleagues through a review of Safe Harbour in their Participant’s Workbook and discussion about how to better welcome diversity.

SH-logoAs a Safe Harbour location we now display a colourful Safe Harbour window decal at our entrance to publicly demonstrate our respect for all ethnicities, religions, ages, abilities, genders and sexualities. For more information about Safe Harbour please visit: