Health Professionals

Doctors Accepting New Patients in Victoria and Area

Naturopathic Physicians


Massage Therapists

Steve Roland, RMT
106 – 1595 MacKenzie Ave

Lotus Massage
Bonnie O’Neill
Phone: 893-8723

Massage Therapists’ Association of BC
Find a registered massage therapist in and around Victoria.

Westshore Massage Therapy Clinic
112 – 2800 Bryn Maur Road
Victoria V9B 3T4
Phone: 478-1120


Dr. Trevor Cohen, ObGyn
Provides acupuncture to assist the turning of breech fetuses to a head down
presentation. By referral from midwife or physician.
101 – 1964 Fort Street
Victoria V8R 6R3
Phone: 595-1021

Stephanie Curran, R.TCM.P
Carolyn Dew, B.PHE, R.AC
Accupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Elements of Health Centre
206 – 1581 Hillside Ave
Victoria V8T 2C1
Phone 383-2626

Gigi Vincentine
Simple Remedies – Herbal Solutions
1010 Cook Street (near Fort)

Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
551 Chatham Street
Victoria BC
Phone 384-2942
Facebook page
CCAOM’s mission is to teach and promote oriental medicine to maximize
wellness and bring the philosophies of oriental medicine to the community.
It is the oldest full-time acupuncture college in Canada. Appointments for
treatment are available to the public at very reasonable rates.


Dr. Kym Harvey
Will adjust women in pregnancy, labour and postpartum and babies within the
first two weeks of life.
208 Linden Avenue
Victoria V8V 4C4
Phone: 380-0972

Dr. Ellen Laine
Treatments are modified for pregnant women, newborns and children.
Treatments may help colic, asthma, ear infections, and back and neck pain.
#202 – 1770 Fort Street
Victoria V8R 1J5
Phone: 595-3989

Chiropractors in Victoria Certified to do Webster’s Technique
(to assist fetuses to turn from breech to head down)

Richard Baxter, D.C. FICPA
Pediatric Certified and Webster Technique Certified
Aria Health & Wellness
723 Humboldt St.
Victoria BC V8W1B1